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Share the Harvest Program in Missouri

The Share the Harvest program in Missouri is a good way to donate deer. It's very easy to do. All that you have to do is take the deer to an approved meat processor and make sure that it's tagged. Then the processor will package the meat, which will be picked up by the local sponsoring organization and taken to the agency for distribution.

The Share the Harvest is a good way to provide to the needy. Just make sure that you have contacted the processing center before you bring the deer to make sure that there are funds available for that individual processor.

Here are a few processing centers for different counties around Springfield, MO.

Greene County

Horrman Meat Co.  J&L Custom Processing  Turner Meat Processing

Fair Grove, MO  Walunt Grove, MO   Fair Grove, MO

417-759-2027 417-788-2200 417-759-2032

Christian County

Oldfield Packing,  LLC Ozark Mt. Meats

Oldfield, MO    Ozark, MO

417-634-3943  417-581-2249

Webster County

Gibson Packing

Seymour, MO


For more information about Share the Harvest and the Missouri Conservation Department click here.

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